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Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson (1960-2013)

A strong body of work

08.10.2016 - 29.10.2016

Opening: 08.10.2016, 6-9pm

About Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson (the artist in his own words):

"Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson has always avoided becoming something . He has never made a realistic plan for his life or set himself a goal apart from doing what pleases him the most each day. This way he believes he can best help others in their search for themselves. Just like when the stewardess reminds us to put the oxygen mask first on ourselves before we assist our fellow passengers. 

Þorvaldur Þorsteinsson has thus on purpose avoided projects that will not maximize his own happiness."

Exhibition organized with the support of the Estate of Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson.

A second exhibition with works by ​Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson will be held at M HKA, Antwerp from 07.10.2016 until 23.10.2016.

A third exhibition with works by Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson will open at PARISTEXAS, Antwerp on 14.10.2016 (on view until 16.10.2016).

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