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Stefaan Dheedene


Born in 1975, Belgium

Lives and works in Ghent, Belgium


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Exhibitions at/with trampoline

2018 - Storm in een glas water, duo exhibition with Gerard Herman

2017/2018 - /’haɪə en (nʊ)/, group exhibition

2017 - Half an optimist, a brand new rocker box and a blow on broad daylight  (solo exhibition)

2016 - Kung fu (solo exhibition)

2015 - Me, Myself and I (group exhibition)

2015 - POPPOSITIONS 2015 (solo project)

2014 - More of the same  (solo exhibition)

2014 - Heyokas  (group exhibition)

2014 - Summer break  (Les Invisibles # 2)

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Stefaan Dheedene

Emergency, 2009, two speakers producing two different sounds sung by Stefaan Dheedene. The first sound is a humming sound, taking a full breath, from a low pitch voice towards a high pitch voice, the second sound is the other way around, from a high pitch voice towards a low pitch voice. Together they act at moments as a slow siren or when the sounds intertwine as a quivering wind