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Me, Myself and I


Group exhibition with the artists of the gallery


04.07.2015 - 01.08.2015

Opening: 04.07.2015, 6-9pm

Dear artist,

Me, myself and I
Are all in love with you
We all think you're wonderful
We do

Me, myself and I
Have just one point of view
We're convinced
There's no one else like you
It can't be denied dear
You brought the sun to us
We'd be satisfied dear
If you, you'd belong to one of us

Dear artist,

would you like to present a new (or existing) work in the group exhibition "Me, myself and I" that I would like to open in July 2015 in the gallery space of trampoline at Vlaamse kaai 47?

The text above comes from the lyrics of the song by Billie Holiday.

In the exhibition, I would like to present artworks related to the genre of the selfportrait (it can be a work on which you are visible, a work related to your personal history or a comment on the genre of the selfportrait).

It would be great if you could give me an answer before May 15 (and more details about the work(s) before May 30)

Thank you in advance for your answer and help.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Warmestly yours



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