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Jana Cordenier




06.06.2015 - 26.06.2015


Opening: 06.06.2015, 6-9pm


Through touches in pure colours I register the surface. These touches articulate themselves in musicality and freedom. The markings are anonymous and therefore personal. They are not obstrusive. They exist in their constellation and their relations to the surface. The frame decides the cut-out. Some markings remain visible, others disappear through stretching. The visible stains diffuse across the borders, as echoes into space.

We are subjected to the works more than we comprehend them. The paintings appear to us as atmospheres. You enter without any resistance. It's a gentle step from the outside to the inside. The medium is tactile and asks for focus. In entering you step deep into the surface. Surface and space coincide."


Jana Cordenier, May 2015





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